January 5, 2013

Sometimes you have to stop and rewrite the story

Lately I have hated opening my manuscript and writing. The book is almost finished and I should be in push mode. You know, that time when the itch to write is so strong you cannot NOT write. Well I can so not write right now. I realize that I need to back peddle and rethink my story. I still need to head in the direction I have been working toward. It is "how" I get there that I am having trouble with. It is boring me to tears. This is not writers block. I can still write. I just don't like what I am writing lately. It needs more spicy, more action.
I have been bashing myself for not finishing the book, but now I am glad that I have held off instead of just writing crap to get the book done. I know I will appreciate this when the book is done, but right now it just sucks.
Perhaps I should work on something else for a few days. Get away from it all together. I will keep you posted.