September 24, 2012


For over a year now I have been unable to open my kdp (Kindle direct publishing) account because it kept telling my my information was not correct. I would give up and worry about it later. Well, I wanted to change my price from the original of 3.99 to just .99. But I couldn't get in. Today I took the time to contact customer support and get the account reset. I have now made all my ebooks just .99. I can't make them free right now because I would have to make them exclusive to kindle and they are out on other channels such as goodreads, barnes and noble, smashwords and more. At least smashwords gives me the flexibility to offer the books free whenever I want.

I feel better now that I have access to my ebooks again. It was worth the trouble to get it straightened out. Kindle support was very helpful.

Books available at kindle are:

House on Butcher Harbor- adult fiction
Michael and the Monster-children's book
Michael, the Monster and the Messy Room-children's book

All three books are ghost stories, of course.

Speaking at Writer’s Workshop at CPAC 9.22.12

I was the first speaker at the Heart of Dixie Writer's Workshop and Book Signing. For days I convinced myself that I would not be nervous. Then when I walked on stage my voice choked up. For years I have done public speaking and love it. There was no reason to be so nervous and I love to talk about my book, but I set the bar too high and panicked that I wouldn't be able to pull it off.  I opened by talking about how I got the idea for the book from the Genesis song Home By The Sea. Then I discussed how I decided to self-publish because my mother had gotten pancreatic cancer and wasn't expected to survive. I wanted her to be able to read my book- in her hands- before she passed away. Luckily my mother survived her cancer - the second time she has had cancer and survived, we are amazed and thrilled.
After that Idiscussed my crappy first cover art. I showed them the cover art with the help of my AV assistant and son Trevor Moon. I asked them if that looked scary to them? No one seemed to think so. I said to besure and fight for what you want because your cover will become your brand. Then I discussed briefly branding your book with that cover art.For example, my book cover is on my business cards, my rack cards that I use to promote the book, my banner and I even purchased t-shirts and a notebook with that cover art. In addition it is on all of my social media- facebook author page and this blog. After that I told them that now I get to do the fun things about being an author like book signings, readings and things like speaking there for them today. Then I closed with the photo of Iron Man and his friends saying YOU SHOULD BE WRITING.
I exited stage right and walked around behind the stage to rejoin the audience. I never heard anyone clap for me so when the next speaker Rhett Barbaree finished and got great applause I was crushed. My friend assured me that they all clapped for me. I must not have been able to hear it back stage.

Other speakers:
Rhett Barbaree             Thank God for Boll Weevils
Anna Kathryn Davis    The Gifted
Anne Dalton                 Massacre Island, Dream Ghost, and more!
Ashley Kitchens           Writer's Workshop Presentation (What great stuff!)

I had a cake made for the occassion since it was also my birthday and we shared cake during the book signing. Now I can actually say that people literally ate my book up that day!

We had a great time and met some new people. I would like to thank Christine Brown from Clanton Conference and Performing Arts Center for putting on such a great program. She says she will be doing this again semi-annually! Yippie! Also my son Trevor Moon for helping me to produce and then to show the video work that provided the photos of my mother and my crappy cover and the good one! And my husband Ben for being there and supporting me and on photo duty! And my great and dearest friend Sharon Cornell Keyes for her undying support and encouragement.


September 20, 2012

Stephen King said...

“kill your darlings, kill your darlings, even when it breaks your egocentric little scribbler’s heart, kill your darlings”
So I did. In the second book of the Butcher Harbor series readers will find one less character by the end of the book.
Who will it be? How will it affect the story?

Guess you will have to read Pirates Cove to find out. And get the bonus ebook of the making of Pirates Cove to see how this and other exciting twist came to be!

Writer's Workshop this weekend

I am so excited about the Writer's Workshop and Book Signing this weekend in Clanton. The first speaker up will be me. House on Butcher Harbor is one of three books and authors being presented. There will be loads of photos available from the event on Sunday. Can't wait. So much to do tomorrow. Wish some of them could have been done today. Oh well. People coming that I thought couldn't make it and some not making it that I had hoped would be there. I can't wait to meet local authors! Learn something new! Network and share.

September 12, 2012

A Writer's Life

The Life of a Writer
Everyone thinks that the life of a writer is so exotic. Maybe they think we actually live the lives of the characters in our stories. Let me tell you how a writer’s life goes…
Up at six a.m. with a need to write. Start the coffee. Cook breakfast while the computer boots up. Eat while I open the word program to my latest book. Sip more coffee and read the last few lines of what I wrote last.
A great idea strikes me! About the story I am writing? Brilliant.
No. My great idea is to go out and sit on my porch on this beautiful morning and write. Ah, good idea. As I go out on the porch I see the leaves have blown in and my hubby bought me the coolest slab of rock that matched the brick of our house and he made me a bench out of it. This looks so cool so I admire it for a while as I straighten up the porch so I can write.
Meanwhile my laptop is waiting patiently for me on the sofa.
As I clean off the porch I notice the recent winds have brought some trash into my yard. Now I am cleaning up the front yard. After that is done I take an extra lawn chair that I no longer need on the front porch because I have this lovely new bench, out to the back yard. Well folks, you guessed it. The wind blew out there too and there is trash to be picked up.
When I am done with the trash I pick up the extra shorts and t-shirts from the hot tub area and a few extra cups that have been left outside. You know what that means: I start a load of laundry and do the dishes.
By the time I get back to the computer the battery is dead. I had unplugged it to take it outside and spent so much time cleaning up that the battery died. So here I sit INSIDE my house finishing the story I had started hours ago.
Exciting isn’t it?

September 11, 2012

Up coming Writers Conference...

I am so excited about the up coming Writer's Conference and  book signing. I can hardly sit still. I will be the first of three authors speaking. Since I am first up they have agreed to let my play HOME BY THE SEA by Genesis while everyone is coming in to be seated for the conference. For those of you who are not aware, this is the song that inspired me to write House on Butcher Harbor. I am so stoked about this.

I hope to have Alyssa Hottinger present even if it takes an act of congress to get her mother to let her come. Her father is behind us on this. I want to recognize her for the fabulous new author that she is and encourage other writers to join our Writers Clubhouse on facebook.

Someone is making me a cake to look like my book. A half sheet so I can share it with everyone while I sign books later in the day. My birthday is on the 18th and the conference is on the 22nd so we will celebrate the two together. Maybe a party after the conference to wind down the day! I am so happy right now and so excited I can barely sit still to write more chapters of book two!

For more information on the Writer's Conference go to:!/events/341270555957967/

Hope to see you there!

September 6, 2012

A conversation with my readers!

I have decided to start a private blog to my readers that will not be published until after the story is published. My goal is for the readers to read this after they have read the book. The blog will show how the book came about, what changed the way it was originally supposed to be written. Why names changed, what occured, things that are vital to the finished product.

It will also show how the writer grows with the writing. We learn through research and brainstorming. People talk about how the story takes over. The reader will be able to see this as it happens to me.

This project has me so excited. It has blown my mind. A journal of how my story evolves that the reader gets to see. What a fabulous idea. I am even more excited about completing my book and sharing this information with my readers!