February 20, 2013

Translation Please

I have just been contacted by Monica Ocana  who lives in Mostoles, Madrid, Spain! She wants to translate my book into Spanish. I have wanted to do this because we spent so much time in Phoenix, AZ and I feel like I am missing a market, not so much for the money as I want Spanish readers to have more choices and would love my book to be one of them. You will hear more about her in an upcoming blog interview I hope she is game for. This is a very exciting adventure. Thank you Monica.

Besides translating Monica is the personal assistant to author Rachel Carrington! Maybe I need one of those. An assistant could put her foot up my rear and make me get this second book done. Hmm. (I know someone locally and I bet she knows who I am thinking of. Wonder if she is up for it? )

Meanwhile not to take away from Monica, Welcome aboard and I hope you are ready for the ride. It will be a five ticket one for sure. ¡Muchas gracias for contacting me Monica!