March 3, 2013

Read an Ebook Week!

Smashwords ebook House on Butcher HarborYippie, it is that time again. Smashwords is promoting Read an Ebook Week. My book is one of many FREE ebooks on smashwords throughout this week. Go to the link below. There will be a coupon listed under the price of the book. Please if you haven't had the chance to read my book get a copy now. Smashwords lets you download a copy in any form including PDF for reading on your computer or phone if you do not own an ereader! Please stop by and get your copy today. If you purchased the paperback book go ahead and get an ebook copy for yourself.

Please spread the link around and help me to be the most downloaded author this week. It is not a competition, but it would make me VERY happy.

Remember- Free this week: