October 13, 2011

When life gives you lemons...here's my lemonade!

The Storm
There comes a torrential downpour from all the lies and deceit that was their lives! The driving rain washes away the fabric of the life that once was. With it it sweeps off all the caring with the lawn chairs. It overcomes hope and carries it off with the top soil that washes into the nearby drainage ditch. It breaks away all the joy from life like the tree limbs that crash to the ground torn from the trees by the violent winds. It squashes happiness as the once strong tree takes out the roof over the bedroom crushing the lost lovers while they sleep, each in their own corners of the bed.
But like all storms this too will pass. The lawn chairs will be retrieved from the neighbor’s yard. At least you cared enough to go and get them. Hope has been forever lost with the top soil, down the drain. Joy is picked up with the dead tree limbs in the yard. It is tossed with the limbs into a pile and burns as the joy goes up in smoke. Meanwhile the firemen come and dislodged the giant tree from the lost lovers so that they can be disengaged from the weight of the rot that caused the tree to fall in the first place.

Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to say goodbye… to this man… this woman… this life. The storm is over. The sun squeezes out from behind dark blue/black clouds.