June 6, 2012

Interview with author Veronica Miller

Curse on Tanner's Bluff:
"Addison bought the farm of her dreams only to find out others were still living there. Unable to leave the spirits were bound to the farm for their greed by a curse. It was up to Addie as her friends called her to break the curse freeing the spirits and solving a mystery that haunted her family for generations. Pony express riders, outlaws, bandits and con men all tried to get their hands on gold that was stolen from military payroll. A French woman scorn and a little voodoo let her even the score over a hundred years in the making. What does Addie find? Can she break the curse? Or will she be the next to be bound to the farm forever?"

LLM: Veronica, I understand you had a very specific reason for writing Curse of Tanner’s Bluff. Can you explain?

VM: At one point in time I was under medical order to do nothing. During that time the only things I could do to entertain myself were read and watch television. The reruns got old and all the books I read I figured out the end after just a few chapters. I even kept an index card with my guess on it as a book marker. I couldn’t believe these were best sellers and so predictable. I had to see if I could write a story that the reader couldn’t figure out before it was finished.

LLM: Veronica Miller is not your real name. What made you decide to keep your identity a secret?

VM: I live on a small state. Everybody knows everybody. I wanted the book judged by the story it told rather than the hand holding the pen.

LLM: Do you plan on letting readers know who you really are?

VM: I am thinking about doing a reveal. I would love to have it at an event that I am sponsoring
 this fall.  I will have to wait and see if they will allow me to ...crash their party so to speak.

LLM: That sounds interesting.  Will you contact us when you reveal your identity so our readers can know who you are?

VM: I'd be glad to.

LLM: I see that you are not profiting from the sale of this book. Why is that?

VM: I never expected to get the book published and now that it is I'm sure I will never become rich and famous because of it. So I am donating the proceeds from book sales to equine rescue efforts. So far I have lost nothing in writing this book, invested nothing but any time that I was bored with nothing else to do, and I have gained nothing except the satisfaction of knowing that I DID IT. That's enough. For now anyway besides I'm sure the animals need it more than I do.

 LLM: What got you interested in equine rescue?

VM: What got me into it was - a big heart and a life time of being round horses of all kinds and breeds and an intolerance for brutality against animals. Rescue is for horses that are malnourished/dehydrated/abused/neglected/ etc. These animals are either run through auctions headed to the slaughter trucks or just shuffled from sale house to sale house. Through rescue these horses are purchased or are donated to agencies that rehabilitate then to the healthiest state that they can achieve. They are worked with and handled in a gentle caring manner as well as given much needed veterinarian care. Many of these animals are already trained. Some animals are so depleted that they can only be given a half a gallon of water every couple hours so that the clean fresh water will not make them sick, because a simple stomach ache is deadly to a horse.
LLM: I hear you do not use the computer to write your stories. What is your process for writing?

VM: I carry around a note book so that whenever I am sitting still or an idea hits me I write it down. Later when the story is all together I type it from beginning to end on my laptop then reread it and edit it. But initially it’s all written in long hand.

LLM: You must go through a lot of pencils.

VM: Gel pens, and yes I do. About 6 pack’s per book if not more. I like the smooth writes with the finger grip.

Well I have read Veronica Millers Curse on Tanner Bluff and found this historical fiction to be delightful. And she was right, I did not predict the ending of the book and was quite surprised at the end. Pick up a copy at:  http://www.publishamerica.net/product44390.html http://www.publishamerica.net/product44390.html
You may contact the author at veronicamillerbooks@yahoo.com