November 27, 2012

Holiday Slump

I find myself in some sort of holiday slump. Our tradition is that the Christmas tree goes up on Thanksgiving day- usually while the turkey is booking in the oven and warming the morning chill off of the house. Then after dinner while drinking hot chocolate or milk I enjoy some pie and fill out all my Christmas cards, address then and get them ready for the mail.

This year my oldest son is off at college. He had Thanksgiving with his new family in Indiana. While I am proud of him for graduating college this year and having a wonderful home and family of his own now I miss him terribly. We used to joke and finish our conversations with movie lines. He does that with his new family now.

My younger son, eighteen years old, has his own friends and his own life. I am a fleeting thing to him. About the only words I hear from him are "FOOD!" "Mom, can I have twenty dollars?" and "You know I love you" after I have asked him thirty times to take out the trash or clean his room.

The husband is off on the road working hard and hardly home. While we wait for the time when we can go and drive together we are apart and everything we do is about getting ready for the day when we chuck it all and go team drive together.

NaNoWriMo seemed to suck the life out of writing for me. When it became work it became a job instead of a passion. I lost all interest in even editing the book. It didn't help that I had just put in massive sleepless hours to redo House on Butcher Harbor and I am completely burnt out on writing anything- including Christmas cards so it seems.

Add to all this that Christmas goes up in stores well before Halloween. I see the decorations and items for sale before the weather even turns to fall, let alone winter. Why can't the stores let us enjoy EACH holiday as it passes. Thanksgiving is a small section of the store by bakewares. Such a tragedy. It sucks the holiday spirit right out of me.

I think I will have a Christmas Margarita (with a splash of Black Cherry for the cherry color!) and pull out my Christmas decorations. Maybe seeing the boxes half opened will inspire me to decorate tomorrow and get into the spirit of things. Meanwhile- A Happy Holiday Season to everyone!