July 14, 2013

The Changing Face of Writing

Being a writer isn't just about the writing anymore. Being an independent writer these days means having to wear a lot more hats. Yes the first hat that of author. The work has to be written and the content must be good to compete against the constant influx of novels being uploaded daily. Next the book must be formatted for all the devices people now read on as well as a different format for print. Each new device seems to have its own format that must be mastered. A cover must be designed and today more and more authors are taking this job upon themselves. Then the book must edited or a good editor hired to do the job for the author. Once the book is complete, it must be marketed; there is print media, radio, television, social media and so on. Writers can no longer just be writers. Writing is a new world now and it changes every day.Writers need to keep up with the latest technologies if they plan on running with the big dogs.