July 24, 2012

A day in my life...

Today I am going to visit with Sharon Cornell Keyes and swap some ghost stories. She is making my favorite lunch (spoiling me)- chicken salad sandwiches. I hope to hear some wonderful tales and have some scary stuff to tell myself. I should share some of this here. Perhaps I will do that this weekend.

This is big stuff for me because I am a house bound person. I go to work and come home. Hate to talk on the phone because of a previous job that required HUGE amounts of time of the phone. Never go anywhere unless it is in a book I am reading. People tell me I have to get out more, but Sharon could tell you how long it has taken her to coax me out of my haven for an afternoon. Smart of her to think of ghost stories. I am always up for that.

If you have a good ghost story to tell, share it. We would love to hear it!

Thanks and be well.

Oh and anyone in the area - there will be a writers conference in Clanton next month. I will give details as soon as I have them. Hope to see you there!