July 22, 2012


I am taking a free 12 week course called Intentional Blogging by Jeff Goins. (You too can join here:  Goinswriter.com.)

This weeks course is on focus. My blog has not had a focus since I started it. I originally started the blog to talk about my book. And I have to admit I should do this since this is my books site, but I think people get tired of hearing me, me, me, more about me, oh did I mention me? So I believe the blog needs to have another focus as well.

For me, my passion is helping others who have the desire to be a writer embrace that and become the writer they always thought they could be. So my focus will be on teaching people how to write better, how to get published the indie way and how to FEEL like the writer they always wanted to be. I can do this by mentoring new writers- Like the amazing Alyssa Hottinger; getting others to guest blog about helping writers; and by giving as much information as I can about how to be that writer TODAY!

Yippie. I am so excited about this course and about my new direction. Thanks Jeff!