July 25, 2012

A numbers game

I have an appointment soon so that will keep me from being preachy on this subject, but it is one that has concerned me for several days. Everywhere you look on twitter, facebook and other sites there seems to be the hard focus on how many likes you have. Doesn't matter if this is a person you would WANT to be associated with. Whatever happened to guilty by association? No one seems to consider this these days in the rush to get more likes.

But there is a bigger concern here than that...what about the one? What about the individual that gets lost in the drive for bigger numbers? Do you really know all those people who LIKE you or are you just on a quest to be most popular? For me, I would rather have twenty LIKES by people I interact with then one million strangers I talk AT instead of TO or WITH.

Just a thought people. We need to get back to what is important in life. Talking to one another, not at people we don't even know.