August 2, 2012

Lie vs. Lay and other pesky words

You lay something down, but you lie down. That is easy enough. But then you get into laid down and lain down and I start to get lost. In my search to be a better writer I have encountered a few sites thanks to createspace blogger that I think might help.

First off is the createspace blogger page which probably requires a password, but I am not sure so I will include it.

Then they recommend the following: 
This is a word search for confusing words. Type in the word and there is your answer.
The list of information here is boundless! Check it out. Subscribe. Enjoy!
Oh the grammar girls! What can I say? They make correcting english fun!

And let me throw in this little gem found at Galley Cat:
This is a cliche program and more. It points out cliches in your own writing and over used words. Ever wonder how those reviewers are able to point out how many times you used a specific word? This is one way.

Please, please feel free to add more in comment section that have not been mentioned here.