September 12, 2012

A Writer's Life

The Life of a Writer
Everyone thinks that the life of a writer is so exotic. Maybe they think we actually live the lives of the characters in our stories. Let me tell you how a writer’s life goes…
Up at six a.m. with a need to write. Start the coffee. Cook breakfast while the computer boots up. Eat while I open the word program to my latest book. Sip more coffee and read the last few lines of what I wrote last.
A great idea strikes me! About the story I am writing? Brilliant.
No. My great idea is to go out and sit on my porch on this beautiful morning and write. Ah, good idea. As I go out on the porch I see the leaves have blown in and my hubby bought me the coolest slab of rock that matched the brick of our house and he made me a bench out of it. This looks so cool so I admire it for a while as I straighten up the porch so I can write.
Meanwhile my laptop is waiting patiently for me on the sofa.
As I clean off the porch I notice the recent winds have brought some trash into my yard. Now I am cleaning up the front yard. After that is done I take an extra lawn chair that I no longer need on the front porch because I have this lovely new bench, out to the back yard. Well folks, you guessed it. The wind blew out there too and there is trash to be picked up.
When I am done with the trash I pick up the extra shorts and t-shirts from the hot tub area and a few extra cups that have been left outside. You know what that means: I start a load of laundry and do the dishes.
By the time I get back to the computer the battery is dead. I had unplugged it to take it outside and spent so much time cleaning up that the battery died. So here I sit INSIDE my house finishing the story I had started hours ago.
Exciting isn’t it?