October 1, 2012

Pirates Cove in Two Part?

What do you say folks? The book is already at 52k words and I have so much more yet to write. Should I continue the story as it is going, which will turn it into a massive book, or break it up into two parts and let the story be told the way it is being written right now. I am at a loss. Personally I hate two- part books, but I also hate books that just go on- and -on forever as well. In print the huge book would cost so much to print and to ship it might not be feasible. E-readers would not see a difference in how the book feels in your hand ie. being too weighty.

Right now I am considering a two book deal. The book is moving along nicely and I want to maintain this pace. In order to squeeze the whole thing into one I would end up in a seven to eight hundred page Stephen King -like monster that might be out of some peoples price range. And for me I hate reading an eight hundred word book because it never fits comfortably in your hand and your wrist starts to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome. Do you think King would reimburse me for the surgery on my wrist from reading his massive books? And how about when the book is almost done and you have seven pounds of book in one hand and a few onces in the other. UGH I hate that! His publisher really should consider these problems when they turn out these bohemoth books.

So I can relax and finish the book the way it should be written if I break it up. Would you buy the book in two parts? The wait on the second part would be much shorter than from book one to book two because I am already headed there and I promise not to fill the book with fluff to meet someones  page quota.

Comments PLEASE!